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Fun With Captions


Throughout my workday, I’ve been thinking about this picture. Here are my proposed captions. What are yours?

1. “Wwweeeeeeeeeeeeeee!”

2. “Open ‘er up. Let’s see what this beast can do!”

3. “I double dog dare you.” “Oh, well, if you double dog dare me…I’m such an idiot.”

4. “At Lincoln, hang a left. I’m the third woodpile on the right. Thanks a bunch.”

5. The first lizard mechanic. “At this straightaway, really unwind ‘er. Let’s see if we got that shimmy out.”

6. “The fly I’m after landed on that white Yukon. Dammit, man. Will this thing go no faster?”

7. “Look how far I’m throwing this truck!”

8. “You just worry about the road. I’m fine. Gah. Stupid suckerless-footed humans.”

9. “No, you’re doing great for a first time driver. Do me a favor though. Don’t ride the middle line. I’m a little vulnerable out here.”

10. “Hey, I’m only late one payment. Roll the window down, Mr. Tough Repo Guy!”

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